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Self Defense , Competition, Physical health and Fitness


Semi classical and Modern dance


Best Teachers to the Students

About Us

Aap Dipo Vaba. Every Child is special , Every child is unique, every child has a light within, Every Child can shine like a diamond. All a Child needs is proper guidance during the growing up phase of Life.

The base of a pyramid is symbolic of a strong foundation and the top of a pyramid symbolises dogged determination pointed towards the sky. In the same manner , we at MG Pyramids, aim to strenghten the academic base of a student in order to help him/her achieve greater heights & success in life.

The objective behind this venture is to provide the best teachers to the students in order to systematically enhance their knowledge base and their all round development.

Services Offered

Tuitions (all classes) - The tution cum coaching market is highly disorganised. There are some good teachers who are not finding the right avenue and there are some who are charging exhorbitant rates from the students – MG Pyramids will fill up the gap and bring the best teachers under one roof to provide quality tution/coaching to the students at reasonable rates.

Aerobics – Aerobics by Delhi trained female professional exclusively for Women. This activity is aimed at providing a genuine platform to all those working as well as non working women who wish to remain fit and healthy at very reasonable rates.

Martial Art – Martial Art for Self Defense, competition, physical health and fitness,entertainment as well as mental, physical and spiritual development .

Spoken English and Personality Development – To ensure that our children grow up to be smart young men and women ready to face the challenges of life, we conduct Spoken English and Personality Development classes. Classes are also conducted for working professionals as well as grown ups.

Dance – Semi classical and Modern dance classes are conducted by trained and renowned professionals.

Music – Vocal and Instrumental options are available.

Art & Craft – To enhance creativity , we also conduct Art and Craft classes for students.